ALC-269: The Impact of Tire Maintenance on Aircraft Safety
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Author:  rhino [ Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:46 pm ]
Post subject:  ALC-269: The Impact of Tire Maintenance on Aircraft Safety

https://www.faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/cou ... ue&cID=269


Aircraft Safety is a top priority, but there is one component that is often overlooked with varying consequences as a result: aircraft tires. Aircraft tires operate at the most extreme conditions for load and speed. They are extremely well engineered and tested, and when operated properly are relatively dependable and last an acceptable life.

Aircraft tires, however, have several threats to their safe operation. This module discusses some of these threats, but focuses in on two threats that can be mitigated or prevented with a specific focus of effort:

Tire inflation pressure
Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

This course focuses on the importance of tire maintenance on aircraft safety. It reviews common causes for tire related events, consequences of tire under and over-inflation, recommended inflation schedule, and compensating for ambient temperature effects. The course also focuses on FOD, FOD impact on safety, FOD sources and FOD damage effects. It provides removal criteria for tires damaged by FOD. It also discusses how to mitigate FOD and the benefits of doing so.

For more information regarding aircraft tire care and service, contact Michelin Aircraft Tire Company through the following web link:


Lee Bartholomew

This course is based upon information contained in the Michelin Aircraft Tire Care & Service Manual. Below is a link to this valuable resource.

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